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Bookie NFL News – New Orleans Saints Fans Still Upset over Controversial No-Call

Although a new season is just a few days away, New Orleans Saints fans are still upset at the infamous no-call in the NFC Championship Game. Some fans think that the blown call prevented the Saints from reaching the Super Bowl. If officials flagged Nickell...

Sports Betting on NFL Football Preseason

The NFL football preseason started last August 1. It kicked off with the match between the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos. Dubbed as the Hall of Fame game, hundreds of thousands of dollars were at stake Thursday night. Pay per head bookie firms said they accepted...

Tyrann Mathieu is a Special Free Safety

The offseason is the best time to be an NFL bookie. You can prepare your sportsbook to launch in time for the start of the season. Also, it gives you enough time to know the teams and the players. One of the players to look for this coming season is Tyrann Mathieu....

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Ryu Hyun-jin Aims for 6th Win

Ryu Hyun-jin Aims for 6th Win

Our baseball news posts may be filled with updates on Ryu Hyun-jin – but his popularity is well worth it. Most baseball betting pick posts on the Los Angeles Dodgers always include Ryu as well. Because betting on baseball is guided by a lot of things, history, venue,...

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