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Bookie Not Surprised about Man City Investigation Findings

Manchester City made sports news headlines recently. However, it is not about a recent cup victory. The news was about the Man City investigation findings released by the UEFA investigators. In fact, the investigators recommended suspending the team for a season from...

Ryu Picks Up Fourth Win for Dodgers

Our latest baseball news still features Ryu Hyun-jin as he tosses a complete game in his 7th this season versus the Atlanta Braves. The game on Tuesday proves that baseball betting fans can turn a huge profit from betting on baseball. Even better, a Pay Per Head Demo...

Bookie Sports News: Japanese Sports Bodies Want to Stop Bullying by Coaches

Aside from bookie pay per head reviews, sportsbook operators should know the latest development in sports to stay ahead of their competition. Take for instance the new initiative taking place in Japan. Just as the country is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020,...

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Tiger Woods Achieves Greatest Sports Comeback

Tiger Woods Achieves Greatest Sports Comeback

The greatest sports comeback happened at the Masters Sunday afternoon. Tiger Woods won his fifth Masters. In fact, the 14-year gap between his 4th and 5th Masters wins is the longest in the golfing world. Many people dismissed Woods as a has-been. He won his last...

Golfers Look Forward to ANA Inspiration

Golfers Look Forward to ANA Inspiration

Those who bet on sports are familiar with betting on golf. It is, of course, a bit odd to bet on, for recreational sports bettors. But the professionals know that there is a lot to win in golf. Of course, Korean golfers are always good to bet on. The top golfers in...

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