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Patriots Win Super Bowl LIII 13-3

Sports fans were expecting an exciting game between the Patriots and Rams. However, it turned out to be a boring match. Both teams only managed to score a field goal each in the first three quarters. In the end, the Patriots win Super Bowl LIII with the score of 13-3....

Bookie Pay Per Head Super Bowl Odds

Its Super Bowl Weekend! Everyone who is into football, especially those who keep track of football news, should be ready by now. But if you still want to make sure you have all the information you need, no need to worry. For those into football betting, we will show...

Kicker Greg Zuerlein a Key for Rams in Super Bowl

Super Bowl is just a couple of days away and fans have their own opinions on who is the most important player for Rams. Some people say it is Jared Goff, and others swear it is Todd Gurley. However, some Rams faithful put all their money on kicker Greg Zuerlein. What...

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