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NFL Week 6 Power Rankings – Top 4 Teams

Before the start of NFL Week 6, it seems like that’s a potential Super Bowl contender. The San Francisco 49ers remain unbeaten after winning against Cleveland Browns during Monday Night Football. They now have a 4-0 record heading to Week 6. At present, the Patriots...

Bookie NFL News – New Orleans Saints Fans Still Upset over Controversial No-Call

Although a new season is just a few days away, New Orleans Saints fans are still upset at the infamous no-call in the NFC Championship Game. Some fans think that the blown call prevented the Saints from reaching the Super Bowl. If officials flagged Nickell...

Sports Betting on NFL Football Preseason

The NFL football preseason started last August 1. It kicked off with the match between the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos. Dubbed as the Hall of Fame game, hundreds of thousands of dollars were at stake Thursday night. Pay per head bookie firms said they accepted...

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Patriots Win Super Bowl LIII 13-3

Patriots Win Super Bowl LIII 13-3

Sports fans were expecting an exciting game between the Patriots and Rams. However, it turned out to be a boring match. Both teams only managed to score a field goal each in the first three quarters. In the end, the Patriots win Super Bowl LIII with the score of 13-3....

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