Bookie Sports News: Japanese Sports Bodies Want to Stop Bullying by Coaches

Bookie Sports News: Japanese Sports Bodies Want to Stop Bullying by Coaches

Aside from bookie pay per head reviews, sportsbook operators should know the latest development in sports to stay ahead of their competition. Take for instance the new initiative taking place in Japan. Just as the country is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, Japanese sports bodies are implementing steps to stop coaches from physically and verbally abuse athletes.

The Japanese sports bodies provided guidelines for coaches on how to utilize positive reinforcement instead of reprimanding their athletes for errors. Naomi Masuko, a former national team member for volleyball, founded a tournament for children in Munakata City in 2015.

Although the tournament was open to all levels, she maintained a rule that coaches can’t lose their temper during games. In fact, she developed the idea based on her own experience playing the sport. She was afraid of making her coach angry, which reduced her self-confidence.

Japanese Sports Bodies Fight against Bullying

Bookie Sports News: Japanese Sports Bodies Want to Stop Bullying by CoachesMasuko continued to get strict coaching up to high school. However, she experienced a new coaching philosophy as an adult. She told sports news agencies that she blossomed as a player when she was told to enjoy the game. However, she didn’t know how to enjoy the game at that point in her life.

She learned that kids as young as primary school students receive strict coaching. As a result, she made the decision to change the philosophy of sports in the country. That’s the reason why she created the tournament.

Daichi Suzuki, Japan sports Agency head, praised the tournament. He told bookie pay per head solution providers that it was a great idea. Also, the Japan Basketball Association announced a new policy that will stop physical violence and verbal abuse by coaches to their players.

In fact, the JBA received at least 60 cases of abusive coaches since 2014. The new rule applies to all competitions in Japan, from elementary to the professional league.

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